Philipp Winter
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Karlstad University

All my communication is wiretapped and so is yours.
Please use my public key or have a look at my OpenPGP page.
Twitter: @__phw

In March 2015 I graduated with a PhD from Karlstad University, where I worked in the PriSec research group. I was advised by Stefan Lindskog and Simone Fischer-Hübner. My research interests are mostly in the area of network security. In particular, I am interested in censorship-resistant communication and the robustness of the Tor network which provides people with anonymity on the Internet. In a former life, I did some work on applied machine learning and network anomaly detection. I have an Erdős number of 5.

If you are interested in censorship systems, you might find the CensorBib I am curating helpful. It is an archive similar to Free Haven's popular “Selected Papers in Anonymity” but with its focus on censorship rather than on anonymity.

I am a strong advocate of open access in science. Please consider signing this protest against the business practices of Elsevier. If you are willing to go a step further, please also commit to not reviewing for closed access venues. You can easily contribute to open access by putting all your papers on your web page and/or on arXiv.

I do not believe in systems research which does not at least come with an openly accessible prototype. As part of my research, I developed the following software projects:

For a complete list of my software projects, please visit my GitHub profile.


Conference and Workshop Proceedings

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