IFIP Working Group 9.6/11.7 : IT Misuse and the Law


IFIP WG 9.6 was established in 1990 as an IFIP Working Group within IFIP Technical Committee 9 (TC9: Relationship between Computers and Society).

The WG focuses on the relations between IT Misuse, the Law and Society with privacy as a natural example. As "Misuse" depends very much on the point of view and the cultural background of the viewer a very broad understanding of the term "Misuse" turned out to be appropriate. The WG studies technical, organisational, legal and social aspects of information infrastructures and electronic services with regard to their trustworthiness. The emphasis is on legal implications and privacy issues of new technology and vice versa.

In 2000, it was decided to strengthen the cooperation with TC-11 and to form a joint WG 9.6/11.7.


Last update: 08-September 2008.