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Sixth International Summer School
organised jointly by the EU FP7 project PrimeLife
and the IFIP Working Groups 9.2, 9.6/11.7 11.4, 11.6

Privacy and Identity Management for Life (PrimeLife/IFIP Summer School 2010)
to be held in Helsingborg, Sweden, 2nd - 6th August 2010
in cooperation with the EU FP7 project ETICA

The IFIP summer school 2011 will be held at the University of Trento, Italy, on 5-9 September 2011 in cooperation with PrimeLife project partners, the EU FP7 projects ABC4Trust, Endorse, NESSOS, and the Norwegian PETweb II and Swedish U-PrIM projects. More information can be found at here

After the success of the 2009 PrimeLife/IFIP Summer School, the European project PrimeLife and IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing, Working Groups 9.2, 9.6/11.7 11.4, 11.6) will continue their joint cooperation. This year they will hold an International Summer School on the topic of Privacy and Identity Management for Emerging Internet Applications throughout a Person's Lifetime.

Emerging Internet Applications, such as Web 2.0 applications and cloud computing, increasingly pose privacy dilemmas. When they communicate over the Internet, individuals leave trails of personal data which may be stored for many years to come. In recent years, social network sites, where users tend to disclose very intimate personal details about their personal, social, and professional lives, have caused serious privacy concerns. The collaborative character of the Internet enables anyone to compose services and distribute information. Due to the low costs and technical advances of storage technologies, masses of personal data can easily be stored. Once disclosed, this data may be retained forever and be removed with difficulty. It has become hard for individuals to manage and control the release and use of information that concerns them. They may particularly find it difficult to eliminate outdated or unwanted personal information.

These developments raise substantial new challenges for personal privacy at the technical, social, ethical, regulatory, and legal levels:

  • How can privacy be protected in emerging Internet applications such as collaborative scenarios and virtual communities?
  • What frameworks and tools could be used to gain, regain and maintain informational self-determination and lifelong privacy?

Both IFIP, PrimeLife and ETICA take a holistic approach to technology and support interdisciplinary exchange. In particular, participants' contributions that combine technical, legal, regulatory, socio-economic, ethical, philosophical, or psychological perspectives are welcome.

The best student paper award

The Best Student Paper Award was presented to Michael Dowd for his paper entitled "Contextualised Concerns - The Online Privacy Attitudes of Young Adults" Congratulations!

Summer school proceedings

Summer School contributions were selected based on an extended abstract review by the Summer School Programme Committee. Accepted short versions of papers were made available to all participants in the Summer School Pre-Proceedings. After the Summer School, authors have the opportunity to submit their final full papers (which address questions and aspects raised during the Summer School) for publication in the Summer School Proceedings published by Springer. The papers to be included in the Final Proceedings published by Springer will again be reviewed and selected by the Summer School Programme Committee. Full papers should be up to 14 pages, and authors should take comments/discussion into account. The submission website can be accessed here.

Important dates

  • Submission deadline for for workshop papers for post summer school proceedings: 2010-10-01
  • Submission deadline for for keynote papers for post summer school proceedings: 2010-11-01
  • Author notification: 2010-12-20