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Seminar Hotel


Participants who booked accommodation will have a room reserved at the seminar hotel:


La Maison du Séminaire

29 boulevard Franck Pilatte

06300 NICE

Tel : +33 (0)4 93 89 39 57

Fax : +33 (0)4 93 26 79 99


  • Airport:  The Nice airport (aéroport) is located right at the west side of the gulf (Baie des Anges) and it is distant 6 km from the town center.
  • Bus Maison du Seminaire: The bus 99 is going from the Airport (every 30 minutes) to the main Train Station (Nice Ville) (Timetable). In front of the Train Station, the bus 30 is going to the Maison du Séminaire (bus stop: La Réserve just after the harbor - Timetable). The bus 98 is going from the Airport (every 30 minutes) to the town center too (every 30 minutes) - (Timetable). The bus 20 and 30 are connecting the city center to la Maison du Séminaire  (bus stop : La Réserve just after the harbor). Here is a link to the timetable and map of Public transport.
  • Taxi: The journey between the airport and the 'Maison du Seminaire' should approximately be 30 euros.
  • Running: Alternatively you may want to jog to the Maison du Seminaire, it is only 9km and you simply have to follow the sea side toward the east :)
  • Car rental: All rental companies (Avis, Hertz, Budget....) are available at the airport, however since the event will mainly take place in Nice (on Monday a bus will be organized from Nice to Sophia Antipolis), it is probably not necessary to rent a car.





The venue of the Summer School will be the seminar hotel: La Maison du Séminaire.


The first day (7th September 2009) will however be organised at CICA/Institute Eurecom,


Room Amphitheatre Lumiere,

2229, Route Crêtes,

06560 Sophia Antipolis, France.

Tel: +33 (0)4 93 00 81 00

(Thanks to the support of Eurecom.)


There will be a bus transfer leaving from La Maison du Séminaire to Sophia Antipolis on Monday morning at 9:15.


Other alternative for those who cannot catch the transferring bus:


The Bus 230 (Terminal 1 - quai 5 - every 30 minutes) is connecting the Airport to Sophia Antipolis.

NB: to reach the CICA you should ask a 'ticket correspondance' go to "Gare Routiere - Les Messugues" and then take a Shuttle asking to go to CICA (without extra charge - 1 euro)




The remaining days (8th - 11th September 2009) will then be held at La Maison du Séminaire.



A map plotted with CICA, the hotel and the airport can be found as follow.






View it in a large map.


View Nice Cote d'Azur Airport is useful to find direct flights to Nice.

Driving a car in France

WARNING: We strongly recommend to respect scrupulously the road legislation and especially the speed limitation since they are strongly enforced by automated speed traps and the fines start at 68 euros (from +5kmh to +20kmh) and can reach up to 750 euros.(cf. map and other details





The temperature is usually still warm at the beginning of September (~25 C). However, the evenings can eventually be fresh (in the event of rainstorm).











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