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Programme outline:

A number of eminent researchers, academics, industrialists and policy makers in the field The Future of Identity in the Information Society are already in the pipeline to address the summer school and give workshops. The focus of the school will be on dynamic, interactive learning among peers, and the exchange of the state-of-the-art information and views. Each day will consist of morning keynote talks session invited speakers and a series of multi-participant workshops and seminars in the afternoons and late Friday morning.

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Sunday, 5th August:

19:00: Welcome Reception at Carlstad Conference Centre (Tage Erlandergatan 10)


Monday, 6th August:

8:30: Bus Departure from the IBIS Hotel (Västra Torggatan 20) to Karlstad University, Registration (Foyer of Building 12)

Morning Keynote Session (Room 12B 150)
Session Chair: Penny Duquenoy

9:15: Welcome, Introduction

9:30 - 10:30: Keynote talk:

Charles Raab, University of Edinburgh/UK (Social and Political Dimensions of Identity) [download slides]


11:00-12:00: Keynote talk:

Slava Kavsan, Microsoft Windows Core Architect/USA (Claims-Based Identity Layer for the "New" Internet) [download slides]

12:00-13:30: Lunch

13:30 – 17:00: Afternoon Workshops (coffee break at 15:00)

Workshop 1 on “Privacy Exploits” (Room 12B 149)

Workshop 2 on “Social and Philosophical Aspects of Identity” (Room 12B 151)


17:10: Bus Transfer to the IBIS Hotel



Tuesday, 7th August:


8:30: Bus Transfer from the IBIS Hotel to the University


Morning Keynote Session (Room 12B 150)
Session Chair: Simone Fischer-Hübner

9:00-10:00: Keynote talk:

Morton Swimmer, IBM Research Zurich/Switzerland (Second Life - Security and Privacy at Risk) [download slides]


10:30-12:30: Keynote talks:
Ronald Leenes, Tilburg University/Netherlands (Second Life Social and Legal Challenges) [download slides]

Malin Sveningsson Elm, Karlstad University/Sweden (Young People's Gender- and Identity work in a Swedish Internet Community) [download slides]

12:30-13:45: Lunch

13:45-16:30: Afternoon Workshops (coffee break at 15:15)

Workshop 3 on “Ethical and Privacy Aspects of RFID” (Room 12B 149)

Workshop 4 on “Privacy and Identity in Online Social Networks and Communities” (Room 12B 151)


16:40: Bus Transfer to the IBIS Hotel

18:00: Social event (Boat trip on Lake Vänern including Dinner, Departure: Inre Hamnen)



Wednesday, 8th August 2007:

8:30: Bus Transfer from the IBIS Hotel to the University


Morning Keynote Session (Room 12B 150)
Session Chair: Louise Yngström

9:00-10:00: Keynote talk:
Lorenz Mueller, AXSionics/Switzerland (Authentication and Transaction Security in E-Business) [download slides]


10:30-11:30: Keynote talk:
Marit Hansen, Independent Centre for Privacy Protection/Germany (Marrying Transparency Tools with User-Controlled Identity Management)
[download slides]

11:30- 13:00: Lunch

13:00-16:30: Afternoon Workshops (coffee break at 14:30)

Workshop 5 on “Identity Management” (Room 12B149)

Workshop 6 on “Legal Identity and Identification Aspects” (Room 12B 151)
16:40: Bus Transfer to the IBIS Hotel



Thursday, 9th August:

8:30: Bus Transfer from the IBIS Hotel to the University

Morning Keynote Session (Room 12B 150)
Session Chair: Jacques Berleur

9:00-10:00: Keynote talk:
Mark Gasson, Reading University/UK (ICT implants) [download slides]


10:30-11:30: Keynote talk:
Diane Whitehouse, The Castlegate Consultancy/UK (Ethical Aspects of eHealth) [download slides]

11:30-13:00. Lunch

13:00-16:30: Afternoon Workshops (coffee break at 14:30)
Workshop 7 on “Privacy-Enhancing Technologies” (Room 12B 149)

Workshop 8 on “Social and Cultural Aspects of Identity” (Room 12B 150)

Workshop 9 on “Identifiers in eHealth” (Room 12B 151)


16:40: Bus Transfer to the IBIS Hotel (bus continues to Mariebergsskogan)


18:00: Social event: Tour at Mariebergsskogen, Conference Dinner



Friday, 10th August:

8:30: Bus Transfer from the IBIS Hotel to the University

Morning Keynote Session (Room 12B 150)
Session Chair: Kai Kimppa

9:00 - 10:00: Keynote talk:
Albin Zuccato, TeliaSonera/Sweden (Mobile Identity Management) [download slides]


10:30-12:00: Late Morning Workshops

Workshop 10 on “Economical and Organisational Identity Aspects” (Room 12B 149)

Workshop 11 on “Economical Aspects of Identity Management” (Room 12B 151)

12:00-12:30: Closing session

12:30: Lunch

13:30: Bus Transfer to the Train Station and the IBIS Hotel

- End of the Summer School-



Workshop programmes:



Workshop 1: “Privacy Exploits”
Session Chair: Morton Swimmer


·          Dominik Birk, Sebastian Gajek, Felix Gröbert, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi Ruhr University Bochum/Germany, A Forensic Framework for Tracing Phishers [download slides]

·          Tom Keenan, University of Calgary/Canada: On the Internet, Things Never Ever Go Away Completely [download slides]

·          Emin Islam Tatli, Mannheim University/Germany, Google Hacking Against Privacy [download slides]

·          Martin Boldt, Blekinge University of Technology/Sweden, Privacy-Invasive Software and preventive mechanisms [download slides]



Workshop 2: “Social and Philosophical Aspects of identity”
Session Chair: Ronald Leenes

·          Bibi van den Berg, Erasmus University Rotterdam/Netherlands, Self, script and situation - Identity in a world of ICTs [download slides]

·          Noemi Manders-Huits and Jeroen van den Hoven, TU Delft/Netherlands, Managing Identities and Moral Identification [download slides]

·          Nathalie Grandjean, Benjamin Six, University of Namur/Belgium, Identity, trust and consent in surveillance society [download slides]

·          Rocío Rueda Ortiz, Leif Bloch Rasmussen, Central University Bogotá/Colombia and Copenhagen Business School/Denmark, Changing Identities in Information Societies [contact the authors for a copy of their slides]



Workshop 3: “Ethical and Privacy Aspects of RFID
Session Chair: Diane Whitehouse

·          Marc van Lieshout, Linda Kool, TNO/Netherlands,  Little sisters are watching you - A privacy assessment of RFID [download slides]

·          Markus Hansen, Sebastian Meissner, Independent Center for Privacy Protection, Kiel/Germany, Identification and Tracking of Individuals and Social Networks using the Electronic Product Code on RFID Tags [download slides]

·          Vikas Kumar, Asia Pacific Institute of Management/India, Implantable RFID Chips: Security versus Ethics [download slides]



Workshop 4: “Privacy and identity in Online Social Networks and Communities”
Session Chair: Charles Raab

·          Stefan Weiss, Goethe University Frankfurt/Germany, Online Social Networks and the Need for New Privacy Research in Information and Communication Technology [download slides]

·          Kevin Anderson, Australia, The Absent Identity: Community isolation in an age of information overload [no slides were used in Kevin's presentation]

·          Kai Kimppa, Pekka Muukkonen, University of Turku/Finland, Do Online Computer Games Affect the Player’s Identity? [download slides]



Workshop 5: “Identity Management”
Session Chair: Marit Hansen

·        Leonardo A. Martucci, Albin Zuccato, Simone Fischer-Huebner, Karlstad University/Sweden,  Identity Deployment and Management in Wireless Mesh Networks [download slides]

·          R. Joosten,  S. Joosten, TNO/Netherlands, Rules for Identity and Access Control [download slides]

·          Xavier Huysmans, KU Leuven/Belgium, Privacy-friendly Identity Management for eGovernment [download slides]

·          Mike Bergmann, TU Dresden/Germany, Automatic Privacy Policy Clustering [download slides]



Workshop 6: “Legal Identity and Identification Aspects”
Session Chair: Mark Gasson

·          Tom Keenan, University of Calgary/Canada: When Disclosure Becomes Spam – The Apparent Failure of Well Intentioned Privacy Policies and Legislation and How to Fix Them [download slides]

·          Annemarie Sprokkereef, Leeds University/UK,  Identity in the Information Society: Exploring Legal Approaches to the Use of Biometric Data [download slides]

·          Rasika Dayarathna, Louise Yngström, Stockholm University & KTH/Sweden,  A Methodology for Bridging the Gap between Laywers and Technologists [download slides]



Workshop 7: “Privacy-Enhancing Technologies”
Session Chair: Marc van Lieshout

·          Sebastian Pape, Nabil Benamar, Kassel University/Germany, Using Identity-Based Public-Key Cryptography with Images to Preserve Privacy [download slides]

·          Giuseppe Bianchi, Csaba Kiraly, Renato Lo Cigno, Simone Teofili, Trento University/Italy, Traffic Flow Confidentiality in IPsec: Protocol and Implementation [download slides]

·          Christer Andersson, Reine Lundin, Karlstad University/Sweden, On the Fundamentals of Anonymity Metrics [download slides]

·          Reine Lundin, Stefan Lindskog, Anna Brunstrom, Karlstad University/Sweden,  Analysis of Tunable Anonymity Services [download slides]



Workshop 8: “Social and Cultural Aspects of Identity”
Session Chair: Charles Raab

·          Rowena Rodrigues, University of Edinburgh,  Digital Identity, Anonymity and Pseudonymity in India [download slides]

·          Anna Chernykh, Higher School of Economics/Russia, The future of identity in the information society [download slides]

·          Véronique Laurent, Namur University/Belgium, Technology and Social Workers: a question of identities? [download slides]



Workshop 9: “Identifiers in eHealth”

(given and chaired by Diane Whitehouse and Penny Duquenoy) [download slides]


Workshop 10: “Economical and Organisational Identity Aspects”
Session Chair: Leif Bloch Rasmussen

·          Cristina Denisa Neagu, Al. I .Cuza Iasi University/Romania, Knowledge based organization - an identification model [download slides]

·          Nouha Taifi, University di Lecce/Italy, Collaborative Knowledge Networks: Lessons to Learn from a Large Automotive Company [download slides]



Workshop 11: “Economical Aspects of Identity Management”
Session Chair: Albin Zuccato

·          Denis Royer, Goethe University Frankfurt/Germany, Enterprise Identity Management – What’s in it for Corporations [download slides]

·          José M. del Álamo, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)/Spain, Leveraging Business Models with Identity Management – An e-Learning Case Study [download slides]












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